Mar 25, 2011

A Promise In The Qur'an

{Verily, along with every hardship is relief (ease)} (Qur'an, 94:5)

This verse is what helps me. It's what keeps me going. It's a promise from Allah swt to us, that no matter how much we struggle there will be ease, we just have to be patient enough. And I wanted to share it with all of you! Remember;'s temporary. What's real is what's after. So this is all just a test, and until we finish it and get our results, we need to work hard to ace the exam! Doesn't mean you don't get to enjoy life...oh no! By all means, go out and have fun but keep it halal. And keep other stuff in your schedule too, things like taking care of your parents and family, worship, helping the needy, memorizing Qur'an, reading Qur'an...and anything else that comes to mind. You have 24 hours each day, use them wisely, be a productive Muslim and prioritize your life well! Don't put shopping over salah, movies over parents. That won't give you happiness because you're actually neglecting the important and taking care of the less important. Time Management is the way to go! And that is something I reallyyyyy need to get working on! Just so bad at it lol :S Lucky I got my dad and husband continuously reminding me of its' importance...Alhamdulelah! :)

So again back to the verse. We ALL face problems, we all face different ways and depending on how much we can handle we are all being tested. Don't give up, be patient, pray to Allah swt to help you, have faith that with every hardship there is ease, and most importantly:

Always remember that Allah swt knows what's best for us, and He wants what is good for us!

May Allah swt make us from the strong believers who are patient in times of trouble, and thankful in times of happiness! Ameen :)


  1. Another great post that remind me that I forget too often to be with God when I experience difficult times and grant more importance to things like Cinema and other hobbies than looking after others, talking or praying - But thanks to my husband who seems to know better than me how some things will always be there and others won't last and so to focus on the last ones.
    Have a lovely afternoon!

  2. Yes Subhanallah that happens to all of us! May Allah swt make us from the people who constantly remember to prioritize things in our life! And may He bless you and your husband and make you always there for one another to remind, help and love! :)

  3. A nice post, everyone sometimes loses track, but with Allah's help we get back on track. I'm following your blog, I've also got a blog on Islam that I've recently started, hope you find some time to check it out!

    May Allah bless and guide you.

  4. Yes! Thank you :)
    InshaAllah will!