Mar 19, 2011

My Veil :)

As I softly put on
My beautiful veil
I think of how sadly
People seem to fail

To see its beauty
See why we do
Wear it daily
If only they knew

This veil to me
Is so extremely priceless
It's importance to my heart
You can never guess

To show such modesty
To keep myself away
From the prying eyes
That men have everyday

When you have a diamond
Of it you take care
Keeping it safely tucked
From people to stare

A woman is the same
So special and unique
You should be respectful, gentle
When with her you speak

She is not merely
Looks and nothing more
She's got ideas and goals
Her thoughts you should explore

And in the end
When the time is right
She'll meet her man
Her husband, her knight

Then she'll lead
Such a respectful life
Honored by him
As his queen and wife

Remember this dear reader
When you see a woman in a veil
She's not oppressed…but
A diamond so rare

- By : Dana SK

 The veil is so much more than a cloth on the head, it symbolizes something far more precious, far more  valuable. You know, I once read a sentence that was beautiful, it goes as follows: "Everything precious is naturally hidden and protected. Diamonds? Deep in the earth. Pearls? Deep in the sea protected in a shell. Gold? Deep in mines, well hidden. A womans' body and her beauty are much more valuable than any mineral. Why expose them?". In Islam things that are obligatory, are for our benefit. And things that are forbidden are harmful for us. So maybe you should just think for a bit, does a woman covering herself harm her or does it protect her? I think we both know the answer to that :)

And if Islam is truly oppressing women by making them wear the Hijab, then why do we see a lot of western women, leave their "freedom" of dressing as they please to become Hijab wearing muslimahs? Is it not because they found the reality of Islam and loved it? And by that it means they loved everything about it including the modest act of wearing the Hijab? A lot of my revert sisters/friends decided to wear it right after they said the shahadah, even though some of them faced problems in doing that, yet they said they will anyway because they understood the true, beautiful meaning of it! :)

To end this I wanted to share two things:

One: a song by Sami Yusuf called "Free"

and Two: a youtube channel showing the many ways and styles a hijab can be worn for those sisters who are interested to check it out :) Amenakins' Channel

Asalamu Aliekum Everyone! :)

PS: Something to think about...wearing the hijab doesn't mean wearing ugly clothes! Oh No! You can still be stylish...wearing beautiful, elegant clothes and still look modest, the way Islam asks us to! :)


  1. This is such a great post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us all.
    The poem at the beginning is a real treasure and the way you explained why Muslim Women wear the Hijab, fascinating. It opened my eyes and my heart - I wish lots of the people I know whose eyes are closed by fear of the unknown would read this post and see the true reality.

    It's true, women body is more precious than anything else, we should honor our bodies and dress with modesty.
    Raised in France and being a Catholic I never felt this way - our mothers have told us your body is your property, do what you want with it. And when I see girls in the streets nowadays, I feel sad for them, they don't respect their own body, just want to be accepted, not knowing it is the wrong way of doing things. But it's what they have been told to do, so are they to blame?

    More Muslim women should talk as clearly as you do about Hijab and dress codes and I am sure it would help lots of girls and women all around the world. And maybe change the way people see things at a higher level.

    Be blessed & stay well

  2. Thank you for your uplifting words! And yes you are right, sadly even Muslim women who are raised knowing this, not all of them follow this. Because like you said, they want to be accepted and go about doing it the wrong way. Why should a girl be accepted only because of her waist size, or how fabulous her legs look...that should actually make a girl hate the idea, not like it and go for it. Because we aren't merely looks to show off, there's a lot more to it than that, and we are a looot more priceless than to do that to ourselves! Subhanallah may Allah swt let the truth shine to all the girls out there and protect them!

    Take Care! :)

  3. What a wonderful post!! <3 Thank you so much.
    Assaalam Alaikum.

  4. Wa Alykum Salam, Thank you!! :)