Mar 20, 2011

Biggest Exam Seen!

So am sitting at the library in my university waiting, I have an exam in two hours. As I sit there and look around, I see people trying to cram last minute information into their brains, stressfully studying and asking about things they didn't understand while that they can pass their upcoming exam with great marks. Am not any different of course, I do that for every exam...and that's normal. Yet what's sadly funny about us humans is we constantly forget about the inevitable upcoming exam that we are all gonna face. The exam that will affect us forever, unlike the exams we are doing now which will only affect us for a short while...for like what 70, 80, 90 years max? But the exam am talking about is the exam of the hereafter. An exam whose questions are known and answers are known. Imagine having such an exam at school, wouldn't it be silly not to get a full mark when you know both the questions and the answers? Then why is it that not everyone passes this exam? And why is it that we don't even make time in our life to study for it, when we know it's undoubtedly going to come up suddenly at an unknown time...maybe today, tomorrow or in a few years?

This exam has two sets of questions. The first set will be the ones we'll be asked about in the grave by the two angels Munkar and Nakeer. They are:
"What is your religion?" to which the answer is "Islam.
"Who is your Lord?" to which the answer is "Allah".
"Who is your prophet?" to which the answer is "Muhammad".
"How did you come to know these things?" to which the answer is "I read the book of Allah (i.e. Qur'an) and I believed it".

The other set of questions will be more like an evaluation; when everyone - starting from prophet Adam (peace be upon him) and ending to the last person on earth - will be resurrected and accounted for their actions.

So we know the questions, and we know the answers...then why doesn't everyone pass this exam? There's a simple answer for that. Because we forget about this exam, we make it our last priority to think about it, we don't really feel the importance and value of getting ready for it...and only when it's too late do we actually remember.

{Every soul will taste death: and only on the Day of Judgment will you be paid your full recompense. Only he who is saved from the Fire and admitted to Paradise will have the true attainment (of his desire). And what is the enjoyment of the worldly life except a delusion.} (Qur’an, 3:185)
You know, it's not so hard to do things that'll help you get ready for this exam and still enjoy life, because Islam doesn't forbid having fun in life and enjoying yourself and working hard in your work and studies as long as you're doing everything the halal way. But we need to constantly remember to Live Islam. We need to remember that Islam is not just a religion, but a system of life. It teaches us everything we have to learn about this life and how to live it in order to gain happiness. The Qur'an itself is such a beautiful guide...what more does a person want than the words and advise of our Creator? :)

From simple things like purifying your intention when doing any type of activity in your life, to saying bismillah when you start something, to constantly counting the many blessings that Allah swt has blessed you with and thanking Him for them, to being patient in times of trouble and working hard to overcome whatever obstacle you face with a strong faith, to thinking about our end  and how soon it might be, to doing things like having a daily amount of verses or pages from the Qur'an to read everyday, learning more about our beloved prophet peace be upon him...and so much more! And in between these you can have fun, enjoy life, go out with friends and family and work hard at your job/school. See how beautifully balanced your life can be? It won't be easy that's for sure, but like I always say nothing valuable comes have to work hard to get it! :) So don't you think it's worth it? Getting something that money can't buy? Getting happiness in the world and in the hereafter as well? I think we can both agree it really is!!! :)

I do pray that Allah swt helps us to become better, happier Muslims. To enjoy this life while working hard for our end too :) Ameen!

Have a blessed day my friends! :)

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