Jun 23, 2011


So currently mom is having our house renovated, and it's total chaos. We've got people coming in and out every five seconds, which only makes sense to keep the main door open lol. Furniture has been moved around as the painters finish a room and go on to the next, and I can barely find my own self in all this mess lol. But things are turning out nice so far alhamdulelah, so can't complain! InshaAllah the final thing will be beautiful, I'll share with you pics once all this is over and everything is back into place. But for now "chaos pictures" are in order :P

Subhanallah, it's funny how changing the house changes the atmosphere. You know what I mean?

Jun 20, 2011

Posts, Posts and more Posts!

I found this website that had random pictures in it; thought I'd share a few of the ones I liked :)

Hehe found it cute with a great point to all the people who think Islam calls for terrorism

So Powerful isn't it?

Alhamdulelah! All praise and thanks to Allah! To always be thankful and satisfied, and to always see how much you are blessed, look at the people who have less than you, not more than you!

‘View from the grave’
An interesting picture,makes you think..so thought I’d share.

Allah’s Apostle (Sal-allahu-aleihi-wasallam) used to invoke (Allah):

“O Allah! I seek refuge with you from the punishment in the grave and from the punishment in the Hell fire and from the afflictions of life and death, and the afflictions of Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal.” [Vol 2:#459]

For more pictures click here.

Jun 11, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I want to thank dearest Rose for giving me this award, I'm very touched indeed! MashaAllah. I find sister Rose such an active blogger, and even though I don't know her very well, but I do feel like she is a great person! Check out her blog, you will not regret it inshaAllah, and she does deserve this award back since she is a stylish blogger mashaAllah! :)

Now, the rules when someone receives this award is to share 7 things about herself...so here goes:

1) I love to read sooo much. Currently am finishing up Dan Brown's latest novel "The Lost Symbol". He's such an outstanding genius at writing that once I start one of his books I just can't seem to put it down till I reach the last page!

2) I also love to write. I mostly write poetry, but I'm currently working on a story for kids..been working on it for a whiiile but inshaAllah it turns out a good one!

3) I'm blessed with a great husband and a wonderful family alhamdulelah...they fill my life with love and happiness and I just can't thank Allah swt enough for having them with me!

4) I enjoy making sweets and decorating them.

5) I looove Italian and Chinese food!! lol :P

6) I hate how the world is full of injustice, and how at this moment as I'm typing there are people in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Palestine..etc being killed and tortured to death for standing up for their rights and asking for one simple thing every human should have: Freedom!

7) I love to travel to different places of the world, try to learn a few words of their language, and go sightseeing :)

I give the award to the following fellow bloggers:

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Jun 7, 2011

With Each Day...

In Each Day We Live...

Someone dies
Someone is born
Some people are happy
Some people morn

Someone was murdered
Or tortured to death
Some just got rich
While some lost their wealth

Someone is working
To keep a family living
Someone is carelessly
Taking money and spending

Someone is praying
Asking God for help
Someone is lost
Doesn't believe nor worship

Someone is performing
Salah so sincere
Someone ignores the call
Five times a day with no fear

You See In Simple Terms...Everyday...

Someone is happy
Someone is sad
Someone is crying
Someone is glad
Someone is alone
Someone lost a dad
A mom, sibling, friend
In ways so bad

This life we lead
Is full of twists and turns
Some causing happiness
Some causing burns

Think of the life
You're currently living
Do you really not feel
God's many blessings

With each test you face
Be strong, patient and wise
For it's in the hereafter
Where the True Life resides

By: Dana S.