Jun 23, 2011


So currently mom is having our house renovated, and it's total chaos. We've got people coming in and out every five seconds, which only makes sense to keep the main door open lol. Furniture has been moved around as the painters finish a room and go on to the next, and I can barely find my own self in all this mess lol. But things are turning out nice so far alhamdulelah, so can't complain! InshaAllah the final thing will be beautiful, I'll share with you pics once all this is over and everything is back into place. But for now "chaos pictures" are in order :P

Subhanallah, it's funny how changing the house changes the atmosphere. You know what I mean?


  1. Changes are always good Dana, it clears the mind at the same time.
    Good luck in the "chaos", looking forward seeing pictures of your new home. All the best!
    Take care.

  2. Yea you're right, they are good subhanallah! :)
    Thank yooooou dearest!! <3
    My best wishes to you always!

  3. lovely pictures!
    I know what you mean. During renovation the whole house turns upside down. Cutlery in the living room, Bookshelf in the kitchen. lol. But it's all worth it at the end!

    Thanks for sharing! x =]

  4. Thank you dear! Hehe exactly!! :D
    InshaAllah this finishes soon, coz I can't live in a mess for long lol :/