Jun 7, 2011

With Each Day...

In Each Day We Live...

Someone dies
Someone is born
Some people are happy
Some people morn

Someone was murdered
Or tortured to death
Some just got rich
While some lost their wealth

Someone is working
To keep a family living
Someone is carelessly
Taking money and spending

Someone is praying
Asking God for help
Someone is lost
Doesn't believe nor worship

Someone is performing
Salah so sincere
Someone ignores the call
Five times a day with no fear

You See In Simple Terms...Everyday...

Someone is happy
Someone is sad
Someone is crying
Someone is glad
Someone is alone
Someone lost a dad
A mom, sibling, friend
In ways so bad

This life we lead
Is full of twists and turns
Some causing happiness
Some causing burns

Think of the life
You're currently living
Do you really not feel
God's many blessings

With each test you face
Be strong, patient and wise
For it's in the hereafter
Where the True Life resides

By: Dana S.


  1. I love your poem Dana! We tend to forget what each day brings to people around us. I love to express my gratitude for what I have and the joy of being alive. Trying not to forget in my prayers the ones in need.
    Hope all is well on your side! Have a great day!

  2. You won an award, sister :)

  3. @Marie Thank you dearest! Very true and wise words :) Alhamdulelah for everything!
    Pray all is well on your end too...take care!

    @Rose very touched for the award sister! Thank You! :)

  4. Lovely lovely poems!
    Thanks for sharing!