May 30, 2011

~ Chocolate Muffins ~

Asalamu Aliekum everyone! :)

Well, a while back I came upon this blog full of recipes; called "The Muslim Wife's Kitchen". Then a while ago I decided to try out one of the recipes for sweets on that page, to surprise my parents-in-law since they were coming over. And seeing that I'm still learning how to cook, and only just started on that path, I was very happy with the results alhamdulelah! :D So I thought I'd share the recipe with you if anyone thought of trying it out! :)

Click here for the recipe...Chocolate Muffins!

Here are pictures of how my muffins turned out :)

And then I added a few creative touches to the platter :)

Enjoy! ;)

May 29, 2011

Five Beautiful Times! :)

Sometimes as I'm in the car, I look around me and just watch the people passing by. Some walking, some in their cars. Life moving fast. Everyone rushing to get things done. Everyone so taken up with whatever is on their mind. Then, right in the middle of all this the adhan is called out from the masjids all around. And that is just beautiful!! A call back to why we are here, a wakeup call that breaks through the routine life that we lead.

Some people start questioning why Muslims pray 5 times a day. Wondering isn't it too much? How do you find the time to do it? While other people, though being Muslim themselves, tend to neglect this most important obligation we Muslims are asked to do. But at that moment, when the adhan is called out, just stop everything you're doing and listen. And you will know. You will know why we pray 5 times a day. Why it's a good thing for us, not a burden.

From the 1440 minutes we live each day, taking 5 minutes off to pray each prayer = about 25 minutes. Too much? No! Not when this is for our own good. We are so taken up with this fast-moving life sometimes that we forget why we are even here, we become so burdened with whatever problems and trouble we're facing. Or so happy with whatever happy occasion came upon us. That we just forget to pray to Allah swt, or thank Allah swt, or do a bit of remembrance to refresh our iman (faith) and our heart! So you see we need this reminder. We need these prayers.

As the adhan is called out, listen to the words and repeat after them. One of the sentences in the Adhan is "Haya a'ala al-falah" meaning "Come (rush) to success". So by rushing to perform Salah, you are obeying this command. True success is accomplished through salah, because there you meet with Allah swt, your soul soars with comfort and you feel the greatness of Allah swt and the miraculous things all around you. It is where you leave behind the Dunya, it's problems and all the little things in it, and you look at the more important things, the things that will help you achieve Paradise as a destination. It is where you feel true comfort, true peace that can't be found anywhere else in the world!

We are not just bodies moving. We have a soul to take care of too, and we should never forget that nor neglect it.

So yes, praying 5 times a day is a blessing that Allah swt has given us to help us pass through life with ease and comfort. To always and constantly go back to Him.

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Blessed! ♥

Ever felt like you're so blessed and content that you just want to keep thanking God over and over again? I feel like that right now, alhamdulelah; all praise and thanks to Allah swt! I mean I may not have a perfect life, and there are ups and downs constantly but at this moment I just feel so blessed alhamdulelah!

The thing about life is, however low your coaster gets there will always be people who are even lower. When you think of it that way, you will always thank God for everything you have, because you realize that even then you got it good! I mean try getting a piece of paper and writing like 10 blessings down. Once you start the list, it'll become endless subhanallah! From the senses we have like hearing, touching, tasting..etc, to the home we live in, to the blessing of having internet to use...and the most beautiful one of all...the blessing of being a Muslim!! Priceless! 

So thanking God is important. Always remember to say "Alhamdulelah" and "Alhamdu wa Shokro Lelah" meaning "All praise and thanks are due to Allah".

Try to remind others as well. When with your kids, spouse, family and friends...use the word "Alhamdulelah" often in front of them. They'll start saying it after you and eventually get used to it. Imagine the merits you will get for every time they say it! Look at how small the word is yet how big the ajer (merits) are going to be for you and for them too!

{And We shall remove from their breasts any (mutual) hatred or sense of injury (which they had, if at all, in the life of this world); rivers flowing under them, and they will say: "All the praises and thanks be to Allah, Who has guided us to this, and never could we have found guidance, were it not that Allah had guided us! Indeed, the Messengers of our Lord did come with the truth." And it will be cried out to them: "This is the Paradise which you have inherited for what you used to do."} (Qur'an 7:43)

This article was inspired after talking with my husband. I just felt so blessed alhamdulelah for having him in my life that I opened up the blog to write my feelings down. I thank Allah swt everyday for having such a great guy in my life to help me become a better person...alhamdulelah alhamdulelah! :)

I do pray this article will work as a reminder for us, of the importance of saying Alhamdulelah and that we all try, as brothers and sisters, to say it constantly and remind each other to as well inshaAllah!

Take care everyone! :)