May 29, 2011

Five Beautiful Times! :)

Sometimes as I'm in the car, I look around me and just watch the people passing by. Some walking, some in their cars. Life moving fast. Everyone rushing to get things done. Everyone so taken up with whatever is on their mind. Then, right in the middle of all this the adhan is called out from the masjids all around. And that is just beautiful!! A call back to why we are here, a wakeup call that breaks through the routine life that we lead.

Some people start questioning why Muslims pray 5 times a day. Wondering isn't it too much? How do you find the time to do it? While other people, though being Muslim themselves, tend to neglect this most important obligation we Muslims are asked to do. But at that moment, when the adhan is called out, just stop everything you're doing and listen. And you will know. You will know why we pray 5 times a day. Why it's a good thing for us, not a burden.

From the 1440 minutes we live each day, taking 5 minutes off to pray each prayer = about 25 minutes. Too much? No! Not when this is for our own good. We are so taken up with this fast-moving life sometimes that we forget why we are even here, we become so burdened with whatever problems and trouble we're facing. Or so happy with whatever happy occasion came upon us. That we just forget to pray to Allah swt, or thank Allah swt, or do a bit of remembrance to refresh our iman (faith) and our heart! So you see we need this reminder. We need these prayers.

As the adhan is called out, listen to the words and repeat after them. One of the sentences in the Adhan is "Haya a'ala al-falah" meaning "Come (rush) to success". So by rushing to perform Salah, you are obeying this command. True success is accomplished through salah, because there you meet with Allah swt, your soul soars with comfort and you feel the greatness of Allah swt and the miraculous things all around you. It is where you leave behind the Dunya, it's problems and all the little things in it, and you look at the more important things, the things that will help you achieve Paradise as a destination. It is where you feel true comfort, true peace that can't be found anywhere else in the world!

We are not just bodies moving. We have a soul to take care of too, and we should never forget that nor neglect it.

So yes, praying 5 times a day is a blessing that Allah swt has given us to help us pass through life with ease and comfort. To always and constantly go back to Him.

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  1. Masha'Allah, sister! This was such a beautiful post!! It really touched me and it also really reminded me of how wonderful it would be to live in a country wher you actually hear the Adhan 5 times a day, masha'Allah. And it's so true: We NEED to pray. We need to seek nearness to Allah (swt) and be reminded of doing so! Because it is indeed interesting how humans easily neglect doing what is really good for them! How we get so caught up in daily emotional drama and worries, money, career etc.

    Insha'Allah we will get closer to Allah (swt) with every day that passes and always remember to clean our hearts and souls with salat.

    Thanks for adding the video-links too.

    Have a beautiful day sister. I'm off to pray Dhuhr now :) <3

  2. Thank you very much my sweet sister for your sweet words! =)
    Ameen to your dua'a! Ya Rab! :)

    And yes it is truly beautiful to be able to hear the adhan being called out. But if living in a country where that's not the case, then a person could find ways to improvise you could say :) For example, you could have the Prayer Times program on your computer and when it's time for Duhr or Aser..etc then the adhan will be called out in the house and therefore you could hear it :) or you could have a small clock in the car to do that..etc. But for sure it won't be the same as being sounded from the masjid out loud subhanallah! :)

    Taqabal Allah your salah dear...Have a Great day! :)

  3. Dear sister,
    Thanks for your reply :)
    Indeed I also have salah times on my mobile phone and sometimes I have put on the adhan (on the computer) before praying 'cause it creates such a special atmosphere, Alhamdulillah.
    Have a beautiful day dear sister and take care.

  4. That's wonderful mashaAllah! :)