May 30, 2011

~ Chocolate Muffins ~

Asalamu Aliekum everyone! :)

Well, a while back I came upon this blog full of recipes; called "The Muslim Wife's Kitchen". Then a while ago I decided to try out one of the recipes for sweets on that page, to surprise my parents-in-law since they were coming over. And seeing that I'm still learning how to cook, and only just started on that path, I was very happy with the results alhamdulelah! :D So I thought I'd share the recipe with you if anyone thought of trying it out! :)

Click here for the recipe...Chocolate Muffins!

Here are pictures of how my muffins turned out :)

And then I added a few creative touches to the platter :)

Enjoy! ;)


  1. It looks yummy! Might try the recipe when I have friends over.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Most welcome sis! You'll see how easy it is...and it certainly is yummy mashaallah! :D

  3. yummmmmy iwill must try this :) thanks for sharing yum yum posting :) stayblessed

  4. You're most welcome! Hope you like it! :)
    Take care!

  5. okay that looks delicious!!!! I want some now lol

  6. hehe thank you!! :D
    Try it out, it's really easy to make (the reason I loved it lol)

  7. Wow, your look delicious!! I love your extra additions to really take it over the top, masha'allah! :)

  8. Thank youuuuu! Happy to get a compliment from the chef herself :D