Mar 24, 2011


So I just finished watching the movie "Inception". Boy, I can't believe I've been putting it off this long! It was actually quite awesome and even though it was long, time passed so fast! Story is creative, ending is wonderful and the two kids are adorable! :D Now, after I finished watching I started thinking of how somehow it does make sense...not the going into each others dreams part hehe :P I mean the part about planting a little idea like a seed into the brain that will then grow more and more till this dream starts turning into action and finally is happening out there in reality! Do we really need someone to "plant" an idea in our heads so we could just go out there and do awesome stuff? Why not just "plant" a seed ourselves and start taking care of it so that it grows..till its a tree holding such yummy fruits?! :D
Yea I know I might sound all hyped up and optimistic but seriously, it's a thought! Why not find something that is lingering at the back of our mind, something we wish we could do, want to do, but things around us are holding us back. And let's just plant that seed and start helping it grow. You never know what kind of tree you'll get ;)

Just my thoughts on a movie that is a must-watch in my view :P

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