Mar 21, 2011

To My Dearest Hubby...With Love!

I wrote this poem to the one who's on my mind 24/7/365 :) <3

With every passing day
To God I do pray
That He keeps you safe for me
For you're my one and only
Without you in my life
Without being your wife
I'll lose my source of light
Life won't be quite right
You see my dearest love
You are a gift from above
To help me through this trip
Together through it we'll skip
Hand in hand we'll pass
Breaking all obstacles like glass
The pleasure of God we'll seek
What's between us is so unique
From the first day we met
I knew you were it
Following came the big event
That made us both very content
United together forever in life
Happily married as husband and wife
From that day forward my love for you
Grows more and more as flowers do
But unlike them it does not whither
Only prospers; getting bigger and bigger
For you are the sun that brightens my day
Your laugh is beautiful in every way
Your eyes are captivating, full of feelings
Your words inspiring, with plenty of meanings
To simply put it, you're everything to me
And to my heart you own the key

- Dana SK

~  Alhamdulelah! All praise and thanks to Allah! :) ~


  1. I know this is an extremely belated comment but I have been quite speechless about this for the past 10 days! No words can really capture what I would like to express! I love you Dana!

    Instead, I thought to address anyone who might read this. I am extremely thankful to Allah for having this blogger as my wife. We are currently very far apart and won't be together again till September. As you can tell, she is very interesting and it is wonderful to read what she is thinking about. Since I saw her website and youtube channel for the first time I have been always impressed. Her work never lacks insightful ideas nor great language and writing. She is also constantly trying to spread the word of our beautiful religion Islam and clear some of people's misconceptions, and that increases my admiration for her. I look up to her and wish to be more like her in that aspect and many other aspects. I hope fpr every reader to find a life partner who is as perfect for him/her as she is for me.

    May Allah reward you, dear, for the best of your deeds and may every reader benefit from your words with His will. May He also help you keep up this wonderful work and increase your followers not just in number but also in quality.

    Lovingly yours, Hamzah K - who cannot wait to talk to you tonight :)

    P.S I am your #1 follower!

  2. Oh sweetheart!! I love you sooooo much!! What you said has touched me beyond words honey! May Allah swt keep our love growing stronger with each passing day! You're a true inspiration for me darling and I thank God for sending you my way everyday! Alhamdulelah! <3
    Ameen for your prayers and may Allah swt bless you and keep you safe for me always!! <3
    You're truly my everything! <3 :)