Mar 16, 2011

From Dream to Goal: Islam

One of my many dreams was to spread the truth of Islam everywhere, just lay it out there for all to learn and know, especially now when there are a lot of attempts to distort the pure and beautiful image of Islam by the media. It saddens me to see how many people actually fall into the trap of the media and truly believe the many bad lies said about Islam. Whether it be how Muslim women are oppressed, Islam encourages killing, or anything else people come up with...these are all wrong and so far away from the truth!! And I had a dream of changing that because I saw how beautifully happy Islam made my life and I wanted people to know that! One day I decided to turn that dream into a goal and I set out to work on that goal....and Alhamdulelah (Thanks to Allah) after a good period of time, results began to show. And the truth, slowly, started getting out there.
What truth you ask? The truth of how peaceful and beautiful Islam truly is. Of how it's not just a religion, but a complete system of life. Of how it's so logical that even a kid could understand it, so simple that anyone can follow it, and so diverse that it's for all people of all times.
One of the subjects I wanted to talk to you about was "Oppressed Muslim Women". You see, when you want to know if a woman in Islam is oppressed don't ask a guy, or a non-muslim...ask a Muslim woman! Alhamdulelah I'm a Hijab wearing Muslim woman, so blessed and so happy with my life! I am not oppressed! :) I like to look at what new trends are out there because I love fashion. I also love traveling, going out with friends and reading :) I am very much in love with my fiancĂ©, whom I thank God everyday for sending him my way! :) So am a normal girl, living a normal life but with extra special "features"...I am muslim, and I wear the hijab! And those have added more happiness into my life (contrary to what the media tries to show).
Wearing the hijab makes me feel modest, beautiful and secure! It gives me a feeling of liberation that many girls wish to have! I am not oppressed by what magazines tell me to wear, or to look like. I love to look stylish and beautiful yet modest. I am free! :)

This subject is just one of the many out there which should be addressed the right way to get the real truth!
So one of the things I did to turn my dream into action was create the following website:

I also created a page on Facebook called "Islamic Thought of the Week":

This page is aimed for Muslims out there, because sometimes life tends to keep us so busy that we forget our true purpose here, and so I created that page to act as a reminder for all of us...and to enlighten everyone how Islam isn't just praying, fasting and reading the Qur'an. It's more than that! From saying theker (remembrance of Allah) to purifying your intention when doing anything to being patient and nice with people...this page is there to encourage us to Live Islam! :)
And connected to that page are videos I make and upload on Youtube....a series also called "Islamic Thought of the Week"...they could be found on my channel:

I can certainly go on for quite a while, because when I talk about things I love and cherish...I can talk forever! :D (and you probably don't want that hehe)

So please, if you're a Muslim be proud of who you are blessed with something a lot aren't! And don't think about Islam as merely a religion only followed at certain times. Always remember that Islam is a system of life, any questions you have you'll find your answer there, and any guidance needed is always there. To be a Good Muslim! :)

And if you're a Non-Muslim, then please don't judge my religion based on things you hear in the media. Learn about Islam from true sources that show the truth, read the Qur'an for real knowledge about what Islam is and what it teaches...and am always ready if you have questions, I'll gladly do my best to answer :)

I'll end this with a beautiful verse from the Qur'an:

{Verily! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, and the ships which sail through the sea with that which is of use to mankind, and the water (rain) which Allah sends down from the sky and makes the earth alive therewith after its death, and the moving (living) creatures of all kinds that He has scattered therein, and in the veering of winds and clouds which are held between the sky and the earth, are indeed Ayat (proofs, evidence, signs etc.) for people of understanding} (Qur'an, 2:164)

Take care my friends! :)


  1. Well true... western women cannot imagine wearing and walking around with a veil and tend to think when they see a moslem woman wearing it that there must be a man (dad or husband) behind that forcing her to do it... mostly such case can be true if we are to take a sample and include in it all countries like saudi and the gulf and include all levels of background education.
    Usually girls are at very young age forced to veil without understanding religion and before reaching with their belief a high enough level.
    Holywood takes the general main stream and project it as the fact.
    Lots of religion chiefs direct men to impose veiling on their daughters and wife.
    If one is approached and asked "should I veil?" what do u think about this subject?" they should be informed that its a personal decision and cant help u with it, but u should not if ur heart is not veiled to begin with
    If asked "but did god ask for it?" ... should say well its not clear to lots of people and if u dunno the answer or not sure then maybe u should not.
    I witnessed lots of cases in the US where a moslem woman would neglect her veil and explain to her friends how hard it was for her being her dad or husband talked her into it or some other veiled woman talked her into it and while telling her story would shed tears and gain sympathy from a lot of US women who would even make friends with her thinking she is a battered woman in need of help and in the mean while she would give a bad image about islam.... Whats even 1000 times worse is when a veiled woman do notorious acts in public because she does not have enough faith to live up to the moslem image she is putting up; for that I have hundreds of example stories to tell
    Whats interesting is that back in the 17th&18&19 centuries western women used to veil too, and in many western cultures back then only mid and high class women used to veil and lower class women were NOT allowed to veil
    You can look up that and right endless storied about it :)

  2. Very much liked your comment and the way you explained things! As for your point about some men forcing women/girls to wear it, yea it is out there. There are people who do that. But that doesn't mean it's Islam. I mean we can't argue the fact that Hijab is an obligation in Islam for girls once they reach puberty but forcing them to wear it isn't the way to go.
    And yes sadly, some Hijabi women do ruin the picture of modesty and hijab with their actions. But as in every religion and every group there are always black sheep standing out. So when people reach the stage of finding the truth the right way, instead of based on the actions of these black sheep, then the true reality of things will finally shine everywhere :)