Mar 25, 2011

We're All In This Together!

A quick post before I head off to study, just couldn't help but share this! As I watch the news and see how the whole world is in such chaos I can't help but think how sad this world is becoming! Racism, Selfishness, Injustice, many words to describe all this!
You see, My mom is Jordanian, My dad is Palestinian. And in the 20 years that I have been in this world never have I been taught to differentiate between these two nationalities. Never have I been taught to differentiate between any person because of his race, his culture or what his origin is. The only thing that differentiates people is piety! And that is what I plan to teach my children inshaAllah! To love and respect all, to stand up for their rights and be strong but not inhumane or injustice! I wish people would wake up to this truth! The truth that my parents taught me, and my experience living in Canada in such a diverse community, meeting such amazing people from all around the globe did!
And always remember, a long long time ago there lived only two people on earth, Adam and Eve (peace be upon them) and from them we ALL came!

May all of you have a blessed day!


  1. Well said - you were right to stop by to write this. It is powerful and so great to see people aware of the importance of making no difference and understanding we are all together in the World and in Life. I think all Religion insist on the fact we are brothers and sisters to one another and therefor should not see each other as separated but as United.

    May the blessings of God be with you, your husband and your family always! Parents who are teaching their children what your parents taught you, are true gifts, the World should rejoice!!

  2. Thank You! And Yes what you said is very true! :)
    God Bless You!