Apr 2, 2011

My World Is You!

I look out at the world
The night is here
Lights are everywhere
Sky is clear

Breeze is blowing
So peacefully free
But all I want is
For you to be with me

Happy moments
Come and go
But for them to be perfect
Your presence must show

What meaning does life
Have without you in it
It'll just be empty
Every single bit

You are my everything
You are my happy place
You own my favorite
Handsome, loving face

You're my inspiration
My motivator too
Oh how lucky
I am to have you

My dearest husband
My lover, my friend
I'll love you forever
Right to the very end

By: Dana SK


  1. Beautiful Odd to Love! Your husband seems to be a great person, but he is as well a lucky man to have you as a wife.
    I don't think I have read such a powerful love poem - you are using simple words and from them transpire all your love.
    Thank you for sharing these lines. Stay well dear Dana

  2. Thank YOU dearest Marie for your always-so-lovely comments! :D Alhamdulelah he's a great man mashaAllah :)
    Wishing you the best dear! :)