Apr 12, 2011

♥ You're My Life ♥

♥ Darling Hubby 

You are the reason for the smile on my face, for the hope in my heart.
You mean the world to me, and from you I can never be apart.
To me it seems like we've known each other for ages and ages.
Even though we're still in the earliest of stages.
To think of a life away from you, is so saddening to me.
What a hopeless, depressing and empty life that would be!
Your smile melts mountain tops, breaks ice and makes rocks sing.
I am so happy to be yours, wearing your gift...my wedding ring.
I want to shout so loud and let the whole world know.
You are truly the sun that makes my life glow.
Alhamdulelah again and again for having you in my life.
May our love grow with each day as husband and wife.

- Dana SK


  1. This is soooo sweet, Masha'Allah!! You're husband is blessed to have a wife like you :) May Allah (swt) give the two of you a long, peaceful life together with lots of love in your hearts. Ameen.
    Also, thank you for the inspiration award!!! You are incredibly kind, dear sister :)

  2. awwwww thank youuuu dearest sister! :)
    Ameen and I pray the same for you and your husband inshaAllah! :)
    And you are most welcome, loved your blog and really felt you deserve it mashaAllah :D <3

  3. Another beautiful and touching poem Dana, it is wonderful for you and your husband to have one another. May God bless your marriage and your furure together.
    Stay well

  4. Thank You Dearest Marie! <3 :)
    Alhamdulelah it's quite the blessing! InshaAllah and I pray the same for you dear sister! :)
    Take care <3

  5. This is so beautiful!
    MashAllah, may the Almighty keep you both happy and safe, always. Ameen :)

  6. Thank youuuuu! :)
    And may He bless you and keep you smiling inshaAllah! Ameen! :)