Apr 11, 2011

The Niqab Ban...Really?!

I am just sooo filled with emotions right now!! Anger mostly! I just read an article about the niqab ban in France that is now officially out there. I mean what is this?!

Islam asks women, once they reach puberty, to wear the modest hijab. And by that it means loose, not tightly-fitted clothing and a veil on the head covering the hair and neck. So what shows from a Muslim woman all in all is her face and her hands...that's the obligatory Hijab. Now, some woman in Islam feel they want to wear the niqab. It's not obligatory but they choose to, so as to earn more merits. And that is their choice. So who do the French authorities think they are creating such an ignorant law as to ban the niqab? What's next? Banning women from wearing the hijab all together? I won't be surprised if they actually do that!

Where is the word "freedom" in this world? Why has it become so twisted? The people who are "free" are the ones who steal, murder and kill innocents while getting away with it. While the people being arrested and put in jail are the ones who are not doing anything harmful and not putting anyone in danger, who are merely following something they believe in.

Some say this ban has been issued for safety reasons, so France feels it's safer if they see the peoples faces? Are you telling me, if someone had his face covered up with a medical mask for health reasons then they'd be asked to take it off or be fined a big sum of money because a large portion of their face is covered?
If this ban was truly for safety reasons, then whenever they actually felt like this woman is going to cause danger to France *eye roll* they could just get a female police to ask her, privately, to take it off or something...hellooo ever heard of polite requests?!

It really saddens me to see how our world has become.

Look at the picture below, is THIS what they call for?! Freedom for women?! Not oppressing them?! These women are protesting for their right to wear the niqab, doesn't this tell you something? That they WANT to wear it? That it is something they believe in and not something you have a right over?!
I mean do they actually believe that these women cause danger by wearing a piece of cloth to cover most of their face?!
Moreover, I protest against the people who feel pity for hijab wearing Muslimahs and want to free them from oppression! Can't you mind your own business?! We are NOT oppressed. On the contrary, we are more FREE than any other women on earth!!

What kind of treatment is this, pulling a woman like that huh?!

Verily, Allah is All-knowing, All-aware.


  1. I understand your sadness - Freedom is a human right that is violated too many times.
    If you interview most French people they will tell you the women who wear Niqab are oppressed - It is how they see it without taking the time to talk with this women and in most cases discover another reality. But they are afraid to of it because it means opening yourself to somebody else's truth.

    By the way you have an Inspiration Award at my blog - Check when you have some time!

  2. Ya Allah! This is so terrible news :( And indeed what an awful way to treat a woman (as in the picture)! France has really shown the world how ignorant they are (about Islam i.a.) :( I pray that no other countries will follow their example.
    And truly Allahu Alim.

  3. @Marie Yes, sadly, all what you said is true! It's the lack of knowledge that causes such things, ignorance and bad media lies too. Subhanallah, if we as humans took the time to actually look into things before judging them life would be so much better!

    Awwww really?! I haven't had time to check the latest posts of my fellow bloggers and sisters that's why I probably didn't see. Thank youuuu am very happy and touched! <3 :D

    @Rose Yes! :( Ameen ya Rab! Subhanallah the fight against the hijab will never fade I guess...
    May Allah swt help them and protect all our sisters world wide!