Apr 12, 2011

"Has been inspired to be an inspiration to inspire you to be inspired to be an inspiration." ;)

I am veryyyy happy and honored and extremely touched to have been given this Inspiration Award from sweet Marie. I have been blogging now for almost two months and to get such an award now is just more encouragement for me to keep this blog alive and going!
And I do have to say that Marie was my very first true blogger friend, always commenting on my posts, I just loved to read her posts continuously and her sweet words and comments mashaAllah! Am thankful to have met her and inshaAllah we become and remain good sisters and friends :) <3

Am also very happy to have met new and more sisters who have such amazing blogs mashaAllah! :)

Now to answer the three questions, bismillah I start:

1 - Thank and link back to the person that awarded this to you.

Thank you dear Marie again for the sweet gesture! :)

2 - Link posts by you and fellow bloggers that YOU find inspirational.
(Since you are the ones who choose which posts of mine you find inspirational, I will skip this and list posts that I've read from fellow bloggers that inspired me!)

3 - Time now to give this award to 10 blogs. I'm very happy to have met all of you and followed your amazing blogs, and inshaAllah I get to meet more and more sisters and friends! :)

So here goes:

Wishing you all the best of health and iman! :)


  1. Congrats on the award dear sister!
    And jazakallah khair for giving me the award too!!! I'm really honored. Thank you! <3
    Take care dear!

  2. Thank you sweet Rose! <3
    wa jazaky my dear sister, you really deserve it, because I love following your posts mashaAllah! :)

  3. How sweet you are DSK! Same to you!! <3

  4. Thanks Dana and Congratulations at the same time!!!

  5. Assalaam Alaikum Dana,

    Congratulations! =)

    And JazakAllah khair for passing along the award. I don't believe I'm deserving at all, but I'm honored. Thank you for finding my blog inspirational. Yours is quite lovely as well, mA.

  6. Wa Alykum Salam dear sis!
    Thank You! :)
    Oh no you're very deserving for it :D wa jazaky! :) <3

  7. Salaams Dear:

    JAK for the award! As you know, I just got back from overseas but once I get rid of this jetlag Insha Allaah, I shall award to 10 others who are as inspirational as you :)

  8. Wa Jazaky dearest! Yup, welcome back..and as we say in arabic "Hamdela 'ala salamtek" meaning Alhamdulelah for your safe return :)
    awww inshaAllah <3 :)