Apr 15, 2011

Colors Of Life...♥

Wanted to share a few pictures I took while I was visiting my cousins' place yesterday :) Hope you enjoy them! 


  1. MASHA'ALLAH!! I LOVE the creations of Allah (swt) :) These flowers are so stunning!! And you take great pictures, sister!
    Take care, dear.

  2. Thank youuuu dearest sister!! :D And Yes Subhanallah there's nothing like looking at the beautiful creation of Allah swt !! <3

  3. MashaAllah....wonderful pictures honey...its all about the photographer and photographee (I hope thats a word hehe)subhanAllah

    I hope you throw some quotes on these pictures...I'm sure you can come up with some thought-provoking quotes.

    Hamzah - whose admiration for you never stops rising!

    P.S Congrats on getting 1000+ viewers love!

  4. Thank Yoooouuuuuu sweetheart!! :D <3
    InshaAllah will try to do that!
    Love Youuuu Darling! <3

    Dana - Who gets super happy reading comments from you <3

  5. Wonderful, amazing how we have such beauty in front of our eyes and we miss it most of the time. Thanks Dana for reminding us and showing us these bautiful photos! You are a fantatsic Photograph by the way!!
    Be blessed and stay well always

  6. Very wise words! Subhanallah we do tend to forget to take a moment and just ponder at the beautiful creation of God!
    You are most welcome and thank you for the sweet compliment dearest sis!!! <3<3
    May Allah swt bless you always! :)

  7. MashaAllah Allahu Akbar!! I can get lost in these photos...and even more lost in the garden! ♥♥ I can't even begin to imagine what the Gardens of Paradise would be like :) ♥♥
    JazakAllah khair beautiful for sharing these...sometimes we need to be reminded of some of the beautiful things He has blessed us with - especially in the times we have now! ♥♥
    Love you so much honey xx ♥♥

  8. Very beautiful photos. Some amazing and vivid colours, thank you so much for sharing this. They're a joy to look at. Hope your weekend is going well, enjoy the rest of it! :)

  9. @Khadaish yes subhanallah...whatever beauty our mind comes up with for Paradise its waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more beautiful!! So exciting! I do pray that me, you and all our loved ones and family and brothers and sisters be granted a place in Paradise inshaAllah! ameen :)
    Wa Jazaky dearest sister! InshaAllah I'll start to take more pictures and share :D
    Love you so much mooooooore sweety!! xxx ♥♥

    @Maryam Thank YOU for the sweeeeet comment my sweet sister! :) ♥ InshaAllah yours too ya Rab!

  10. Assalaam Alaikum sister Dana,

    MashaAllah, lovely photographs! I imagine your cousin's garden must be breathtaking.

    By the way I stumbled upon your blog through Rose Water's and am so glad I did! Your posts are well thought out and very relevant to what is currently going on around the Muslim world. Keep up the great writing. =)

  11. Wa Alykum Salam sister Sara,
    Thank yoooou my dear sister! <3
    I'm so glad I found your blog too because mashaAllah the posts are really great and your design for it is the sweetest! :)

  12. Mashallah, stunning pictures :)