Apr 8, 2011

Friends :)

So I chose to work on my blog today, am pretty new here still. Basically spent most of my day in front of the laptop between reading different articles on different blogs, following them and trying to make new friends :) I also changed my blogs' style! (Hope you guys like it!)
Anyway on the side of my blog I added a few blogs I loved. Here I wanted to add a few articles I enjoyed reading so far:

1) “You can’t play on broken strings. You can’t feel anything, that your heart don’t wanna feel. I can’t tell you something that ain’t real” - Yours Truly

2) "Can YOU defend Islam" - S.E Jihad Levine

3) "Yours Forever" - Marie

4) "How we move in grace" - Sara

InshaAllah with time I'll meet new friends, and read new articles!

Best wishes to all :)


  1. Lovely Post! Thank you.
    I like the new design very much - change is good. I really enjoy your posts and think we all have a lot to learn from one another and share.
    Have a bright week-end & stay well dear.

  2. Thank you for your always-so-lovely feedback sis! :) And yes very true, we do have a lot to learn from each other and enjoy sharing :)
    Take care dear! :)

  3. Assalaamu Alaykum, sister! Lovely blog :) I look forward to your future posts!!

  4. Hi,

    Welcome to the world of blogging and gracias for the follow up, and mentioning me in your blog post!

    Hope to ready more posts from you! =]

    Take care x

  5. @Elisa Wa Alykum Salam sister! Thank you very much and I look forward to sharing and reading your posts too! :)

    @Yours Truly Thank you & de nada dear ;)
    Hope the same from you inshaAllah!

  6. I've only just recently found your blog, but I am following. I'm also quite new to blogging, hope to see you around, and read more of your posts!

  7. Yea I checked out your blog...great job on it mashaAllah :) will be following yours too inshaAllah. And I hope the same from you sis! :)

  8. Dear sister!
    I love your blog layout!! :D And this is a lovely post with such a great photo! :D
    Take care sister <3

  9. Thank youuuu for your sweet words sister! :D

  10. @DSK

    Thank you, you've clearly put effort into your blog, I usually go for clean cut blogs but this design is very nice, May Allah bless and guide you!